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Satyagraha (sə-tyä’grə-hə) is a Sanskrit term associated with Mohandas Gandhi: satya means “truth”; graha is translated various ways, including “force.” For me it means basically: the force or power of truth to change the world.

I am a psychologist and, lately, a writer living in the Central Coast area of California.  My current interests combine modern psychology, Greek philosophy, and religion (especially, but not limited to, Christian Platonism).

This blog focuses on psychological, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of contemporary society, especially American society.  Insofar as possible, I wish to distance myself from the current “conservative vs. liberal” division which so dominates current political discourse.  The aim, rather, is to focus more on the principles by which all men and women of good will, regardless of political orientation, work cooperatively to realize a better world.

For more information about me (including email address) and links to my other websites, please visit my homepage.

John S. Uebersax

Written by John Uebersax

April 19, 2006 at 12:14 pm


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