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Pleasanton Tea Party Draws Several Thousand

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Pleasanton Tea Party Draws Several Thousand

Yesterday there was a large regional Tea Party for the Bay Area held at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds.  I attended.  A security person estimated there to have been 7,000 to 10,000 total attendees throughout the day.  Unlike some other tea parties, this one lasted until 7:00 pm, giving people a chance to drop by after work.  Therefore this probably gives a better indication of public interest, since a lot of people who would like to attend Tea Parties work.

There were a couple of dozen booths for political candidates and political action groups.  I arrived just in time to hear Carly Fiorina, a Republican challenger to Senator Boxer’s California Senate seat.  Carly gave a great speech.

People in attendance exhibited a cross-section of political orientations, but all were concerned about (1) high taxes, (2) the national debt, and (3) adherence to the Constitution.  The speakers were intelligent and stayed on the issues.

What impressed me was how the attendees represented a cross-section of sensible, ‘red-blooded’ Americans – the salt of the earth kind of folk.  There is no way to describe them, no convenient stereotype – in large part because these are not the kind of people you tend to notice.  A word that comes to mind is “silent majority”.

I’m making this post partly to document the size of the rally.  Searching the news today, I couldn’t find much press coverage of the Tea Parties around the country. (Maybe more stories will appear later today).  No doubt there will be attempts to misrepresent the rallies, or biased reporting.  But I was there and saw this one.  It was huge, and in any way that I could  see completely positive.

I used the opportunity to pratice my version of satyagraha:  as much as possible, I shut up and listened to other people, seeking to learn what I could from others.


Written by John Uebersax

April 16, 2010 at 4:09 pm

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