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Undecided? Last minute advice

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As it’s still early in the US, it’s likely that one or two undecided people (i.e., you!) will see this post before going to vote.

Here’s my suggestion. It’s clear that America has many problems now, and solutions are needed. But will Obama or McCain fix them? Not likely. The reason is because, ultimately, America’s problems are spiritual. Problems with the economy merely reflect a deeper spiritual crisis of the United States.

Neither McCain nor Obama, then, can fix the real problems, which relate to core values. Both are mouthpieces of the economic status quo. Neither one is willing to stand up and tell Americans, “what this country really needs is a change of heart”.

Then for whom should a person vote? Couldn’t the same be said of *every* candidate?

No. The Libertarian Party (whose presidential candidate is Bob Barr) has something constructive to offer. No, they’re not actively promoting a spiritual or religious renaissance. Instead, the core principle of Libertarianism is limited government. With a limited government, people have more time and freedom to pursue personal and spiritual development. Given the chance, people will progress. The problem now is that everyone is a slave to a vast political-economic machine. People are taxed, bullied, and frightened by a coercive state that is at the least materialistic and a-moral — if not downright evil.

Reduce the size of the government. Reduce the effect of the government on defining society and culture. Then people will look inward and find the right path.

Therefore even though the Libertarian party isn’t explicitly spiritual, their principles are the most constructive for spiritual people of all the existing political parties.

You won’t be “throwing your vote away” to vote for Bob Barr. Rather, see it as an investment in the future.

Bob Barr’s name is on the ballot except in a few states. Just skip down past McCain and Obama and you should see it.

Written by John Uebersax

November 4, 2008 at 6:25 pm