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Who to Vote For?

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Who to Vote For?

Okay, it’s coming down to the wire and you’re still undecided.

A suggestion:  vote for a third-party candidate (like Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, or Ralph Nader).

Let’s quickly review the logic:

1.  You probably don’t like McCain or Obama much, or else you wouldn’t be here.

2.  It’s no coincidence that the main party candidates are so unappealing.  The theory proposed here (and on other websites) is that the Democrats and the Republicans are in cahoots.  They basically share power already, and will continue to do so until we stop them.  Which one is in the White House is a minor technicality.

3.  By colluding, the two parties maintain the current power structure, and prevent any radical (and constructive) changes from happening.

4.  The way they trick people into continuing to vote for them is by fear:  each party nominates someone scarey; and then everyone feels they need to vote against the one they see as scarier.

5.  Regardless of which one wins, the Republican-Democrat duopoly will remain in power for four more years.  Your voting for McCain or Obama won’t change that.

6.  But if you vote for a third pary, then your vote will make a difference.  When they tally votes, other Americans will see how many voted against the duopoly.  The more, the better.  Next election more will have the confidence to do the same thing

Written by John Uebersax

October 31, 2008 at 4:14 pm